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Paint Protection For A New Car

How Paint Protect Your Car

Car detailing and paint protection are not the same thing. Detailing is a process that cleans your car both inside and out, while providing minor repairs when necessary. Paint protection utilizes wax coats to create an extra layer of defense for your car’s exterior surface and it is important to know more about paint protection for a new car.

It takes years of polishing or buffing to achieve this level of shine on most cars because it means removing deep scratches from the metal finish as well as old wax treatments with compounds like Meguiars ScratchX or Nu Finish Scratch Doctor Plus. Once you’re done, using Carnauba Wax protects against rocks and other debris attacking the metal underneath in much less time than before! Last but not least, we apply any new protective coatings/coatings in order to keep your car looking its best for years to come.

Paint Protection For A New Car

Car services include paint  protection, window tinting, and more.

What you need to know: Cars are expensive investments that should be protected from the elements as much as possible. Paint protection is an excellent way of doing this because it provides a clear coat film over your car’s exterior surface while providing minor repairs when necessary. Paint protects from  things like rocks and other debris to keep your car’s exterior looking new.

FAQ: What can you tell me about paint protection?

A clear coat film is applied to the exterior surface of a vehicle in order to protect it from various hazards such as rock chips, scratches, tree sap or bug splatter. Paint protection helps maintain the original condition of vehicles with minimal wear and tear for many years so they retain their value better than unprotected cars.  The coating also provides minor repairs when there are any small imperfections in the metal underneath that might otherwise cause rust if left alone. This service is usually combined by window tinting services and often includes undercarriage coverage for an additional cost which protects the underside of a vehicle.